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Environmental stewardship is always a consideration at Kelch. We constantly look at our products and processes to ensure the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact. 

We know firsthand the importance that material selection plays in the product development
process. Material has the most significant impact on part design, manufacturability,
performance and costs. Our goal is to optimize your plastic material selection process,
ensuring your products give you both the performance and financial advantages you need to

Combining our many years of processing experience with access to world-class material
suppliers and our own Advanced Polymer Center, allows us to serve our customers in ways
they’ve never experienced before. Whether dealing with molded in color, color matching,
performance characteristics, or finish, our range of experience – both in-house and across
our network of partners – is second to none.

oiMyZkulqKxwCZHere are just some of the many benefits our customers realize: Hands-on processing
experience in over 200 types of thermoplastic materials across a wide range of industries
and applications. Molded in color options that provide environmentally-friendly, high-gloss,
Class A surfaces – eliminating secondary operations like painting and lowering overall part
costs. Superior color-matching capabilities to produce vibrant, high-quality color products
that are tamper-proof and can withstand harsh environments. Access to the most
sophisticated engineering grade resins in the marketplace – from the newest to those we’ve
long relied on.

QK8 oNxxZPKoxPOur material selection process is supported by our on-site material testing capabilities as
well as advanced material characterization and mold flow analysis.

H2tB iBxiAfibXIt’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which of our strengths we think is most important when
helping our customers maintain their leadership status. After all, when asking our customers
what matters most to them, they insist it’s our ability to bring it all together to tackle
complexity others shy away from.

Responding to customers demands, we integrate our capabilities, experience, partners, and
culture of innovation to do whatever it takes to turn a designer’s vision into reality.

Discover the Bemis advantage and together, we’ll launch your next big idea.