At Kelch we are committed to solve customer problems. Because of this commitment to our customers, we have a variety of product in various applications. Scan through our list here and if you would like to work with Kelch on a specific application, contact us to learn how we can solve your problem.

Electronics and Digital Gauges

Offering a wide variety of Gauges measuring fluid level. Product offering ranges from remote measurement, high level and low level switches and continuous level measurement. Kelch produces gauges that have capabilities to meet your needs in all applications.


Custom Components

Offering engineering expertise to evaluate, improve, and exceed customer expectation to provide a world-class partnership experience for tomorrow.

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Light Weighting

We look forward to re-imagining products and materials through collaboration and development processes with customers. Whether changing material, improving a design or increasing strength of a material, our team at Kelch is up for the challenge.

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Fuel Tanks (Gas & Diesel)

We are well known for having the highest-quality caps & gauges in the industry that are EPA/CARB compliant. Our products cover and monitor fuel tanks across many different markets. We also provide tank accessories and custom solutions that can solve your problems. Click here to see our capabilities.


Oil Tanks

We have a wide selection of different products made specifically for oil tanks, such as dipsticks and caps. Look no further than Kelch for your oil tank needs.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

With the most consistent seals preventing leaks, let the Kelch DEF cap lock in your DEF Tank. Our DEF cap with cooresponding filler neck meet the standards for DEF and AdBlue® on both on-road and off-road vehicles. Click here to learn more.

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Liquid Dispensing

Kelch has been producing liquid dispensing fitments since 2005 utilizing precision dispensing technologies. Our fitments are designed to fit industry standard dispensing equipment. Click here to learn more.

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Windshield Washer Tank

Look no further than Kelch to find a cap for your windshield washer tank. With decades of experience with injection molded parts, Kelch can cover any windshield washer tanks. Contact us to find you solution.


Generators/Power Washers

Kelch provides solutions for generators and power washers. Kelch has been supplying OEMs of generators and power washers for many years. 

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