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From our humble beginnings in 1956 making waterproof ignition sets to becoming an industry leader in caps, gauges, sensors, and tank accessories, let’s stroll down memory lane to see all that Kelch accomplished.

1956 - Kelch, founded by Al Kelch, makes traffic cones & aluminum mold designs.

1960s - Kelch pioneers injection molding making caps and gauges.

1980s - Utilizes technology to become innovators in plastic welding.

1998 - Acquired by Bemis Manufacturing

2005 - Expanded proprietary markets by producing liquid dispensing fitments.

2009 - Moved to Bemis Facility in Sheboygan Falls, WI.

2014 - More innovations such as the Click-to-Seal™ Ratchet Caps.

2015 - Air management venting for Plastic and Metal Reservoirs.

2017 - Diesel Exhaust Fluid Cap for on-road and off-road vehicles. 

2020 - Portable Marine Cap features the Ratchet to Seal tactile feedback designed to meet EPA and CARB regulations within Marine Environments.

2021 - Fitment with Lift and Peel features, providing an aseptic seal for a wide range of products.

2022 - Kelch offers a wide portfolio of product with the ability for custom solutions tomorrow.