2ii esensor 992x730


This electro-mechanical sensor indicates high or low fluid levels by integrating with an LED light, panel bulb or buzzer/bell indicator. It comes with standard or custom connector options and all electronics are hermetically sealed and protected from fluids. The E-Sensor comes in a wide range of gauge lengths and offers proven performance in a wide variety of fluids.

Quick Features

  • Electro-mechanical sensor detects one level: high or low
  • Drives standard instrument panel light or buzzer/bell
  • Provides consumers with easy access to fluid level (light can mount on dash panel)
  • Standard or custom connector options available
  • Electronics are hermetically sealed and protected from fluids
  • Wide range of gauge lengths
  • Robust design for long-lasting durability
  • Grommet fit to the reservoir

Product Information

E-Sensor Spec Sheet