TIPS 350 Cap

This cap is the largest in the family of TIPS products and features an innovative, patented vent system designed for operator protection and safety in the event of a rollover. The TIPS 350 minimizes leakage when the unit is not upright (35 degree angle or more) and meets ANSI Spec. Z130.1 for rollover protection. The cap is ideal for go-carts, golf carts, riding mowers, and other vehicles requiring rollover protection.

Quick Features

  • Largest cap in the TIPS family of products; wide diameter for easy fill
  • More than one full turn of thread engagement
  • Patented system for rollover protection
  • Minimizes leakage when not upright (35 degree angle or more)
  • Meets ANSI Spec. Z130.1 for rollover protection
  • Variety of graphics available
  • Ideal for vehicles requiring rollover protection, such as go-carts, golf carts and riding mowers
  • For use on plastic reservoirs
  • Available with Nitrile or FKM gaskets

Product Information

TIPS 350 Cap Spec Sheet