350RatchetCap 992x730
350 Ratchet Cap Tether992x730
350RatchetCap 992x730
350 Ratchet Cap Tether992x730

Click-To-Seal™ Ratchet 350 Cap

The Click-To-Seal™ Ratchet 350 Cap is the largest ratchet cap offered with the same features such as audible and tactile feedback and torque limits that prevent overtightening. It fully complies with EPA/CARB regulations, making it an ideal fit for lawn & garden, recreational vehicle, and many other applications. Its all-plastic, ergonomic design is easy to grip and looks great too with multiple vent options. It also comes with a permanently attached tether for enhanced safety and loss prevention.

Quick Features

  • All-plastic design
  • Audible and tactile feedback
  • Torque limits prevent potential to over tighten
  • Largest cap offered; large diameter fill hole
  • EPA/CARB compliant
  • Compatible with Kelch universal tether
  • Multiple vent options
  • Variety of graphics available
  • Well-suited for lawn & garden as well as recreational vehicle applications
  • For use on plastic reservoirs
  • Available with Nitrile or FKM gaskets