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about usThe Kelch brand is part of Bemis Manufacturing, a family-owned company that creates innovative, quality plastics products for multiple industries worldwide.

Established in 1956, Kelch has grown from a manufacturer of plastic fuel caps and gauges to a brand known for its smart, reliable and cost-effective fluid management systems that tackle the most demanding applications. We serve markets including industrial engine, lawn & garden, recreation and food & beverage.

These five principles form the foundation of Kelch's long-term success:

Not all plastics are created equal. This is why Kelch continues to invest in our product development lab - to push the boundaries and create new and better ways to manufacture your products.

We are more than a manufacturer; we are your partner when it comes to product design and development. We will utilize our experience and work with your engineers and product managers to create the highest quality product for your needs.

Our tooling engineers utilize the latest technology to develop the precision tools that bring your designs to life. Quality and accuracy provide the value our customers expect, helping to exceed their requirements and expectations.

Kelch has variety of manufacturing capabilities including injection molding, multi-materials over molding and insert molding. No matter what process your product demands, we will make it happen.

Environmental stewardship is always a consideration at Kelch. We constantly look at our products and processes to ensure the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact. Learn more about Kelch and Bemis' sustainability efforts at www.BemisSustainability.com.